Infrared photography

Product photography
You want your product to stand out in this age of mass communication. Place your product in the infrared world and amaze your potential customers. Paysani-Art is here to help.

Journalistic Photography
Do you want to put your city, district or festival into the picture in a special way? Consider having it portrayed in black and white infrared images.
Paysani-Art also uses super-fast motion photography techniques. Thermal infrared photography is a new technique also available to us  The abstract manifestation of temperatures of the world around us in a kind of Andy Warhol style.

Wedding Photography
Paysani-Art specializes in capturing weddings through infrared light. This gives the special day in your life a special look / atmosphere that fits the day. Paysani-Art does not take the usual run-of-the-mill wedding pictures but documents the commitment between two people who at the start of their life together.
Please feel free to contact me about your ideas.
A special day deserves special photos.

Model photography
Capturing people in IR portrays put them in a different light.  A mysterious world that is intriguing to watch.

Corporate Photography
If you want your business to stand out, consider an infrared photo series. Let us capture your business from a new perspective. It shows potential customers that your company is not of this world and is always looking for new worlds to develop.