2007 Publication photography book for the youth.
"Diginauts Wanted" for kids from 9-12 years
ISBN-13: 9789077923238
2005 Foto Idee, workflow digital infrared photography
2004 Analyse, crystal art in a laboratory
2004 Vapvisie, crystal art pictures
2004 Focusgallery, portofolio
2003 Foto en beeld, interview about infrared photography
2003 Focus One of the price winners of a photocontest of cards.
2003 Vapvisie, crystal art christmas card
2003 Foto en beeld, infrared picture in infrared special
2003 Vapvisie, crystal art picture on frondpage and in the text
2003 Vapvisie, story about crystal art
2001 Powerpoint, "Oncology A whole in one"